How much will it cost to produce a music video?

The cost of producing a music video depends on several factors such as the
equipment needed, the number of people involved, the number of locations,
the addition of special effects, computer generated graphics, etc.

Please let us know what you have in mind first and we will come up with the
most affordable option.

How long does it take to produce a music video?

That depends on the number of locations needed and how far they are from
the Los Angeles area. The average turnaround is four weeks.

How far from Los Angeles would you guys travel?

We are willing to travel as far as your budget allows.

What if I’m not happy with the final product?

You will be involved in the production of the video from day one until we finish.

From writing a script to planning and shooting, we want you to be part of every single step.

We will also provide a password-protected first cut of the video so you can watch it online and give us your opinion. After that we will make all necessary changes until you feel 100% satisfied.

What is included in the production package?

We will provide two discs: one will be the high definition version of the video, ready to be uploaded to your favorite music video portal; and the other disc will contain production stills that you can post on your website.

Why do you guys post the names of the artists, song titles, and your names in the lower left corner when the video starts and a few seconds before it ends?

Those inserts give the viewer who is unfamiliar with the artist the opportunity to quickly get the song and artist information. We have seen many music videos that start with big titles, but we want to keep it simple.

Regarding why we include our names, we follow the MTV standard that was set in the mid 90’s when directors demanded their names to be published with the music videos. That movement was known as “The rise of the directors.”