Brown Spiders in Mount Wilson

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon when I drove to Mount Wilson to capture the sunlight reflected on the antennas. I found several spots in the area for capturing landscapes and sunsets.

Unfortunately, the trip turned into a nightmare. There was a huge cloud covering the city and Downtown Los Angeles wasn’t visible. But the worst part was when I got bitten by a spider on my forehead. I had seen brown spiders on previous trips to the Los Angeles National Forest where Mount Wilson is, but I never thought that particular type of spider was poisonous.

The first symptom I had was that I lost sensitivity in part of my face. I had a huge blister and wasn’t feeling well at all. Two hours later, on my way back home, I couldn’t feel my hands as I was driving. I had to concentrate on the steering wheel looking at the road and looking at my hands, but all the symptoms disappeared an hour after I was home. The blister lasted almost three days. Mount Wilson is one of the best places for panoramic time-lapse photography in Los Angeles, especially at night.