Sunset in Palos Verdes

There are many interesting spots in the South Bay to capture the sunset from. Today I went to the Palos Verdes Peninsula again but it was my first time photographing from the area called the San Ramon Reserve.

Most parks in Los Angeles are open from sunrise to sunset, however Palos Verdes has a particular variation to this rule that allows you to park an hour before sunrise and leave an hour after sunset. This is very convenient because you don’t feel the stress of packing your gear right after the sun goes down.

The Palos Verdes Drive East road has several turnouts. You may pull to the side in these areas, park your car and leave it there all day. I saw people walking down the road and riding their bicycles but I also saw cars going at more than 60 miles per hour which is very dangerous considering all the curves the road has.

I must say that sunsets from this road can be quite impressive. On this occasion I used two cameras; one to capture the sun setting and another one to capture the fog covering the Santa Catalina Island.

There were no clouds but that gives a good reason to go back to the same spot one of these days.