Terminator Genisys Movie Premiere

On this beautiful Sunday afternoon, the cast of the Terminator Genisys movie showed up at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood to meet with the press and greet fans. This couldn’t have been more exciting!

I can attest that this was one of the most well-organized movie premieres I have been to. Police always rope off the area with makeshift barricades for crowd control and everyone is forced to watch red carpet events from across the street; however, this time the barricades were set up on the pavement a few feet from the street curb, which was ideal for people walking on the sidewalk.

Unfortunately, a homeless guy started disturbing the audience aggressively, but a pack of police officers came out of nowhere to detain him within minutes. Everything happened quickly. This kind of situations is hardly mentioned by entertainment journalists covering movie premieres, but it can happen any time on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, even during star-studded events.

Most members of the cast signed autographs for the fans. When Arnold Schwarzenegger approached the barricades everyone got out of control and I was pushed so hard by the crowd that it threw me off balance but I didn’t get hurt and didn’t see anyone getting hurt either.

The group of guests included actor Sylvester Stallone.