I have to start by saying that the title of this video doesn’t mean that we covered the entire Montreal metropolitan area. We call it “Montréal Total” because this video has photo sequences of the city made during different seasons, from Winter 2012 to Fall 2017.

When I saw all the scenes together for the first time I got the impression that Montreal is something like a gigantic art gallery. There are so many types of artworks in public places that you only have to go for a walk in Downtown or cruise around and you will find something art-related within minutes.

The architecture is equally impressive. This is something I keep saying since we released the previous video shot entirely during the Summer of 2016.

And speaking about art, we had the opportunity to capture the creation of the mural dedicated to Canadian singer/songwriter, poet, and novelist, Leonard Cohen, who died in November 2016. This amazing mural covers more than 1,000 square meters and is based on a photograph of Cohen, taken by his daughter Lorca. It was created by a group of artists who are part of the MU collective, specifically El Mac and Gene Pendon. One of the best spots to capture this mural is obviously the Mount Royal overlook using a telephoto lens.

This video is a lot simpler than the previous one but there is more to come related to this time-lapse photography project, which by the way, has been a very fulfilling experience so far. This video is part of our Québec Deluxe project.

Enjoy the trip!