Captain America Civil War Premiere

One of the most expected films of 2016 is finally here: The newest chapter of Captain America.

Marvel fans consider this production as an Avengers movie, however actor Chris Evans has said: “Even though there are a lot characters, the focus is on Steve and his struggle. Especially his struggle with Tony Stark…”

I went to the Hollywood Boulevard hoping to cover the entire event without a press pass but that was really impossible. There were so many fans on the boulevard and so many celebrities that only a crew of at least 5 people with cameras could have covered everything that happened that afternoon.

Fortunately, I chose the perfect location to film from but couldn’t see neither Robert Downey Jr. nor Chris Evans. I guess they used a different entrance to get inside the Dolby Theater after talking to the press.

The security guards were friendly and most of the actors spent a few minutes with fans, which is always nice, except Emily VanCamp who seemed emotionally overwhelmed, especially when the crowd started screaming her name.

There was a special moment when Stan Lee showed up behind Sebastian Stan while he was signing autographs and everyone, including actors, wanted to take a picture of Mr. Lee.

Brett Dalton
David Dastmalchian
Don Cheadle
Emily VanCamp
Marisa Tomei
Stan Lee & Sebastian Stan