It is currently winter in Southern California, but the weather is already feeling like springtime. The warm weather is perfect for the blooming of flowers, giving me more opportunities to take the macrophotography of these beautiful creatures. So, I decided to go for a hike with my action camera and macro lens adapter to capture some stunning shots.

In Southern California, hiking trails have been very crowded during the lockdown, so I have to venture off the trails to set up my camera and work.

I took photos and video footage of flowers using an action camera with an external macro lens. I aimed to see if this setup could provide me with professional results. It was a bit challenging due to the windy conditions. However, after several attempts, I found that the ideal distance between the lens and subject for this rig is 3 inches.

I am extremely pleased with the results. The level of detail captured is amazing! No doubt combining an action camera with an external macro lens provides high-quality images. It’s a fantastic solution for hiking long distances when you don’t want to carry heavy DSLR cameras and lenses in your backpack.

I conducted an experiment to test whether using different types of flowers would have any impact on the quality of the images captured. I examined variations in flower size, color, and texture while taking photos and videos in the late afternoon lighting. Surprisingly, none of these factors had any effect on the quality of the images, and both the photos and video footage turned out to be remarkably clear.

I will make sure to bring this camera with me on all of my wilderness photo adventures.