Today was a day for car enthusiasts in Los Angeles. The annual Downtown Burbank Car Classic show was a hit. Lots of people, an amazing atmosphere, cool cars, music, and a wide variety of food from local restaurants.

I noticed the usual number of police officers working at this event. I guess the fact that a mass shooting happened earlier in El Paso, Texas made all police departments in the nation take precautionary measures to protect people from copycat shooters.

The selection of vehicles was simply incredible. Car restoration is the process by which cars are returned to their former glory and splendor, experts say, but my favorite one was a beetle that looked like something you would see in post-apocalyptic films.

This event was free to the public with plenty of free parking as well. It looked like an open-air museum. Most of the cars had signs saying “Please do not touch” and I don’t blame the owners for that, considering how much time and money are needed to restore and keep classic cars in showroom condition.

There was a section called Red Carpet Expo with a huge number of vehicles that have been used in films. This was totally awesome and unexpected!