This is a collection of photographs taken around the same time, in Downtown LA and the StubHub Center.

Something strange happened a few minutes after I sat on the ledge of a building Downtown when I was trying to take the first selfie. I saw a helicopter flying in circles above me. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not unusual to see helicopters in L.A., but flying in circles is a specific sign.

I was concerned that someone might have called the police thinking that I was going to commit suicide, so I decided to go inside the building for a few minutes and surprisingly the helicopter left within seconds.

I couldn’t identify the helicopter as one from L.A.P.D. but I remember the chaos that a mentally disturbed guy caused across the street from that building several months before when he tried to kill himself by jumping out a window; and I know for a fact that people in L.A. have taken the “See something, say something” campaign seriously.

The experience at the StubHub Center was very rewarding. I got access to the rooftop by an agreement with the management. The view from the very top is just incredible. I enjoyed the soccer game while the camera was capturing time-lapse photo sequences. What else could I ask for?