One of the most expected films of 2016 is finally here: The newest chapter of Captain America.

Many Marvel fans view this particular production as an Avengers film, but according to actor Chris Evans, the focus is primarily on Steve and his personal challenges, particularly his conflicts with Tony Stark.

I went to Hollywood Boulevard hoping to cover the entire event without a press pass but that was really impossible. There were so many fans on the boulevard and so many celebrities that only a crew of at least 5 people with cameras could have covered everything that happened that afternoon.

Luckily, I picked an ideal spot to film from, but I didn’t catch a glimpse of Robert Downey Jr. or Chris Evans. It seems they entered the Dolby Theater through a different entrance after speaking with the media.

The security guards were friendly and most of the actors spent a few minutes with fans, which is always nice, except Emily VanCamp who seemed emotionally overwhelmed, especially when the crowd started screaming her name.

There was a special moment when Stan Lee showed up behind Sebastian Stan while he was signing autographs and everyone, including actors, wanted to take a picture of Mr. Lee.

Brett Dalton
David Dastmalchian
Don Cheadle
Emily VanCamp
Marisa Tomei
Stan Lee & Sebastian Stan