Every Los Angeles suburb has practically a piece of history attached to it and Pasadena is not an exception. Today I went to explore that city for photogenic spots and stopped by the Casa Grande neighborhood where Edward and Alex Van Halen grew up and formed their band.

The childhood home of the Van Halen brothers is located near the Allen light rail station, specifically on Las Lunas Street.

The neighborhood is very quiet with no traffic at all and there are lots of big trees everywhere. This is the typical street you have seen countless times in Hollywood productions.

Just a few blocks from Van Halen’s childhood home, on the corner of Allen Avenue and E. Villa Street, there is a liquor store where “the boys” allegedly used to go to buy beer and cigarettes. The sidewalk still has the scrawls that read “Van Halen”; possibly made by Edward or Alex when the building and sidewalk were still under construction.