The Baldwin Hills scenic overlook is a cool place for both exercising and taking panoramic photos of LA. The main hiking trail is very steep, a mile long from the park entrance located on Jefferson Blvd. Some people don’t consider this a hiking trail but the way the concrete steps are set up will make your legs feel like they are on fire, therefore you are going to have a nice workout anyways.

Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook Entrance – Jefferson Boulevard

This place is always crowded on the weekends. Street parking on Jefferson Boulevard is hard to find so take that into account when you plan to visit this park. Unfortunately, like many parks in LA, you are now allowed to stay there when it gets dark. How do we capture the LA skyline from this spot at night?

Panoramic View
Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook Going Up
Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook Steps

Once you are up there the views are simply amazing. Obviously, for panoramic photography purposes it’s better to go up there after the rain when the air doesn’t have all the usual smog and dirt, or after a windy day, which has almost the same effect to clean the air.

That afternoon I had the opportunity to meet two lovely ladies that were hanging out with their photographer friend. I took the photo below with my phone while the camera was capturing a photo sequence of the clouds over the Hollywood Sign.

Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook Steps
Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook View
Lovely Ladies