Elysian Park is supposed to be a family-oriented space in the heart of Los Angeles. In fact, I have seen many birthday celebrations, BBQ gatherings, and even “movies at the park” events there. Unfortunately, vandals and drug addicts are frequent visitors as well. The park is always dirty. Fences are broken, and trash is found everywhere. In my experience, the only thing that really works at this park is the group of security guards that will kick you out after 9 pm when they close, which happened to me when I was shooting the Dodger Stadium photo sequences that are part of the first video TimeLAX 01.

Anyways, I went there this time because the sky was full of clouds and as you know the movement of clouds is one of the most interesting things that the time-lapse photography technique can capture.

I recommend this place to tourists, not to have fun but to get to know something of the old part of Los Angeles and also because of the magnificent views the park has, in case you are into photography like myself.

I always say this in almost all of my posts but in view that Los Angeles is the movie capital of the world guess what? Elysian Park has been used as a movie set at least for the past 5 decades. The other day I was watching an episode of the old TV show “Starsky & Hutch” from the 19070’s and I could identify one of the roads of Elysian Park right away.

Parking is easy and totally free, therefore the day you wake up with an adventurous state of mind just head up to Elysian Park and enjoy the views!