This morning I received an email from YouTube saying that someone has file a copyright complaint against our first video and I wonder how many people have had their original work removed from their channels because some individuals just have too much time in their hands that they cannot find anything better to do than sitting on their PC’s filing false complaints.

The user in question this time is “Rightster Entertainment A” and searching the Internet I have found that the user hiding under that name is everywhere. The account is in almost every single website that provides video upload services.

I personally think the people who do this always gamble on the fact that video producers are usually too busy dealing with a lot of stuff on their plates that it will be very easy for them to miss the deadlines that YouTube assigns to each copyright complaint report, but in our case we file a counter-complaint the same day.

If you receive an email from YouTube or any other video upload service mentioning the “Rightster Entertainment A” now you know what the message is all about.