This has been our first short trip to Boston, Massachusetts. Every time I plan for a trip to a new city I usually spend a significant amount of time doing research about where to capture the skyline and the availability of public transportation. I also make a list of public parks with nice views and the hours they are open so I go straight to the point when I arrive. The weather was fine the first day but we had to deal with temperatures dropping overnight for the rest of our stay.

As weird as it might sound, Boston is like a big small town. There is no nightlife after 8 PM. The subway system is convenient for visitors and it will take you practically everywhere but the last trains depart at midnight. This is obviously a limitation for us who have to explore cities and spend many hours doing night-time photography but the positive part is that we went to sleep early every night.

In my opinion, Boston is an extremely photogenic city. I wish I could have spent more time there.

The views of the financial district in Downtown from Fan Pier Park are absolutely incredible.

The Skywalk Observatory is a must for aerial-like views of Boston.  You are 50 stories above the ground where you can capture the city from different angles. Regular tripods are not allowed, however, I could use two table tripods to make sure the cameras were stable without breaking the rules.

Malone Park in Chelsea has amazing views as well. I had to walk a few miles uphill to get to the park but it was definitely worth the effort.

Although we were in Boston for only five days we could work on many photo sequences.

Boston Time-Lapse Photography