It was a lovely Sunday afternoon when the stars of the Terminator Genisys film arrived at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood to interact with the media and meet their admirers. This was an incredibly thrilling experience!

In my opinion, the movie premiere I attended was extremely well-organized. Typically, police set up makeshift barricades to control crowds, forcing attendees to watch red-carpet events from a distance across the street. However, this time, the barricades were placed on the pavement just a few feet from the street curb, making it much more convenient for pedestrians walking on the sidewalk.

During this important, an aggressive homeless individual began disturbing the audience. However, within minutes, a group of police officers arrived and promptly detained the individual. Despite the quick resolution, incidents like these are not often mentioned by entertainment journalists covering star-studded events, yet they can occur at any time.

The majority of the cast took the time to sign autographs for their fans. However, when Arnold Schwarzenegger approached the barricades, things got out of hand. The crowd became so wild that I was pushed so forcefully that I lost my balance. Fortunately, I was not injured, and I did not witness anyone else getting hurt.

The group of guests included actor Sylvester Stallone.