On a lovely Saturday afternoon, I drove to Mount Wilson with the intention of capturing the sunlight reflecting on the antennas. As I explored the area, I discovered various picturesque locations that offered stunning views of the landscape and sunset.

My trip took a turn for the worse when a large cloud obscured Downtown Los Angeles from view. However, the real nightmare began when a spider bit me on the forehead. Although I had encountered brown spiders on previous trips to the Los Angeles National Forest, where Mount Wilson is located, I never realized that this particular species was venomous.

I experienced my first symptom when I lost sensation in a part of my face and developed a large blister. I also felt unwell. Later, while driving home, I lost feeling in my hands and had to focus on the road and my hands. However, the symptoms disappeared an hour after I arrived home. The blister persisted for almost three days. If you’re looking for a great spot for panoramic time-lapse photography in Los Angeles, Mount Wilson is one of the best, especially at night.