Turnbull Canyon, situated between the suburbs of Whittier and Hacienda Heights on the east side of Los Angeles County, is a hilly area that offers the best location for capturing stunning sunsets. Irrespective of the time of year, this spot is perfect for creating incredible time-lapse photo sequences that are truly breathtaking.

During my investigation into Turnbull Canyon, I stumbled upon several eerie tales involving ghosts, satanic ceremonies, and gruesome acts of violence against both humans and animals. Despite the folklore surrounding this location, which includes a specific area known as “The Gates of Hell,” it remains a breathtaking location for capturing panoramic photographs.

The hike starting from Skyline Drive is relatively easy, and you can reach the famous “Water Tower” in just 15 minutes from where you park. It appears that the structure was originally a water tank that is now being used as an antenna tower. On one occasion, I had the chance to meet a group of graffiti enthusiasts at the tower. They were able to climb it with such ease that it seemed like they had been doing it for years. However, out of respect for their privacy, I refrained from taking any photos of them.

I noticed that Turnbull Canyon Road is a popular spot for illegal street racing. During my work on the third video, I frequently heard cars speeding at night on the weekends.

I have only spotted rabbits in Turnbull, making it a relatively safe location for nighttime time-lapse photography when compared to the Verdugo Mountains.