Today has been the busiest day for Randy and me in New York City. I started capturing the clouds over midtown from Brooklyn’s Greenpoint and Randy went to Central Park and surrounding areas.

Crossing the Manhattan Bridge

I had a meal consisting of delicious fried chicken and french fries before going to Manhattan and that was enough to keep me alive for the rest of the day. Shooting time-lapse photo sequences in Times Square is very difficult because there are thousands of people walking and blocking the camera all the time, day and night. When I was a kid there was a travel commercial on television saying something like “Visit Broadway, the street that never sleeps…”, and that is true to this day. Broadway is always packed with people walking around, taking photos or just enjoying a meal.

Trying a time-lapse photo sequence from the Manhattan Bridge

When we were done for the day Randy went to pick me up for the last time-lapse photo sequence of our trip, which is going to be featured in the first video of the New York Lapse project. I was taking photos from the back seat with the camera set up on aperture priority while Randy was driving. In the behind-the-scene photo below you can see that at some point there was an NYPD car behind us.

The Manhattan Bridge
The Manhattan Skyline from Greenpoint
Working on a time-lapse photo sequence from Times Square
Central Park
NYPD officers behind us

Fortunately, the entire trip was very productive!