Today I went to Queens to capture the sunset from 40 Street – Lowery St, Queens Metro Station. The number of trains arriving at this station in the afternoon during rush hour is simply unbelievable.

This time-lase photo sequence was very easy to set up and execute. There were no security guards around and although many people started taking photos of the sunset with their cell phones right after getting off the trains every five minutes, I didn’t have any interruptions. Contrary to my experience in Los Angeles, Montréal, Las Vegas, and Chicago, where everyone always asks me what I’m doing, if I’m a professional photographer, if I do this for fun or work, etc., in New York nobody has asked me anything, with the exception of a tourist from Utah who did ask me the typical questions.

The 40th Street Metro Station is definitely a hot spot for photography in New York City, especially if you are interested in sunsets and urban scenes.