The Best Places to Photograph in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Time-Lapse Photography Best Places

Los Angeles is arguably one of the most photogenic cities in the world. We want to share this guide with those who want to visit Southern California and are willing to dedicate some time exploring the city. Most people think that only Downtown L.A., Hollywood and Santa Monica can offer the best spots for photography but that is simply not true as there are literally hundreds of places such as parks, bridges, freeway overpasses, suburbs and several miles of scenic roads available for your viewing pleasures.

See the Unseen: a Quebec Time-Lapse

Parcé Rock Time-Lapse

Everyone has a story to share from 2020, and this mine:
I’m driven by the passion to create images that tell stories. Photography can be described as the recording of a single moment frozen within a fraction of time.

Each moment, or photograph, represents a tangible piece of our memories as time passes; but what if you could capture more than one moment in a photograph?

Above Ela Park

Ela Park Lincoln Heights

Ela Park is located in Lincoln Heights, a suburb that is 100% Hispanic therefore good Mexican food is available everywhere. From juicy burritos to crunchy tacos and grilled chicken with lots of garlic, East L.A. is the place for all your spicy cravings.